Tuesday, 21 December 2010

You complete me.

Dear Baby Boo.

Ever since the first moment they placed you in my arms I knew that I was complete. You have brought sunshine in to my life, made me appreciate tickles and giggles and cuddles more than I ever thought I would. You see the wonder in everything and I love that you make me see the wonder in everything too.

When you laugh it makes me laugh and, often, anyone else in earshot will laugh too. When you cry I want to cry with you but I try to be strong because that's what Mummy's do.

Growing up in the Army has been hard for you. Moving every couple of years, countless schools, friends and bedrooms. But you have taken it all in your stride and reminded me that, no matter where we are in the world, as long as we are together everything will be ok. When Mummy has been away on deployment you have been brave and strong. I am so proud of you and the way you have coped with everything.

When you look at me with love in your eyes I wonder how the hell I got so lucky. When you wrap your arms around me I wonder what I did to deserve you.

I love that when we are blue we put on our favourite songs and 'dance it out' until we're both laughing so hard we can barely breath. I love when we snuggle up for movie nights and 'share' a bowl of popcorn (1 piece for me, 20 for you!). I love that your feet are always warm and you don't mind me putting my cold feet against them to warm me up. I love the fact that you love me even though I often get lost in a book and forget your dinner is in the oven. I love the fact that you then calmly hand me the takeaway menu. I love that you make me cups of tea after I have begged and pleaded for an hour and could've made it myself in that time! I love that when you are concentrating hard on something you poke your tongue out of the side of your mouth. I love the way you make lists of your favourite things and the way you throw yourself into discovering as much as you can about something that interests you.....frogs, dolphins, lizzards, Egyptians. I love watching you develope your own style and the way you put your foot down when I try to force you into something pink and girly. I love how when you get excited you talk so fast I can barely understand what you are saying. I love that you look like me and that there is no denying that you are mine and I am yours.

Thank you for being my baby. To the Moon and back.

Love Mummy xxx


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