Sunday, 29 August 2010

Manicure? Uh, no thanks...

I am not one of these people that regularly has manicures or pedicures. That's not to say that my nails are icky and I have to keep them hidden away!! I just don't tend to fork out on this kind of thing when I can do it myself and spend the money I saved on shoes. Or pretty knickers :) Anyhoo, yesterday I was out shopping with my baby sister and totally of the cuff I decided to treat myself to a manicure. We're going out tonight to see our favourite band 'The SkaBeats' and I decided that a little bit of professional grooming was in order. Never again. They spent a total of approximately 3 and a half minutes on my nails, they were wonky, the nail varnish peeled off before I even got 100m away from the shop and I could have quite cheerfully cried. I KNOW I should have said something but, honestly, I am such a chicken where this kind of stuff is concerned. Instead, I came home....whinged, moaned and bitched and then did them myself and they now look fairly normal, if a little short, again. Moral of this story? Put the money towards shoes. Or go to youtube and follow this little gem.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Gossip Girl Style Crush

Taylor Momsen. I hate this girl. Well, actually I LOVE this girl. She's sassy, knows what she wants and she wears great clothes!! Be still oh little green monster of mine. Jealousy - such a yucky trait. Best way to counter it? SHOP! Hurrah!

Loola x

River Island (yep it's these boots again..)
River Island
River Island
New Look

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pretty printiness....

I'm due to move house soon and I'm absolutely obsessed with buying lovely new stuff for my lovely new home. One of the things I can't seem to stop buying is prints. I buy them, I love them, I weep with happiness and then I wonder if I'm going to have room for them all. One way or another I am going to fit them all somewhere. Even if I have to cover every single wall. I have a load for my bedroom, a load for my living room, a load for the kitchen and a load for...uh...wherever. A little selection of some of my most favouritist (yes, it IS a word.....)

Loola x

From THIS etsy shop

From THIS etsy shop
From THIS etsy shop

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shoes glorious shoes...

My name is Loola and I am a shoe-aholic. The worst part? I don't care. I mean why this constant need to try and justify the number of shoes you have? It's not like we don't need them. This is the UK! We wear shoes EVERYDAY! So why not have a pair for everything? Plus a few spare pairs incase you're feeling indecisive? Buy, buy and buy more I say. Hours of fun sitting on the floor, staring at your bea-ootiful shoe collection..... what more could you want? Oh, plus a season change is upon is and those gladiators you've been wearing all summer ain't gonna cut it throughout Autumn when the rain starts.....

A quick look on the schuh website identified a desperate NEED for these particular lovelies.

These babies from topshop

And these want want must haves from River Island

I know, right? Brings a tear to your eye doesn't it? Only problem now is that after forking out for all these how the chuff am I gonna afford clothes to go with them all? Sigh...

Loola x

Monday, 16 August 2010

I'm smiling because....

Well, just because really. Just spent the last month doing nothing but crying so now it's SMILE TIME. And because it's SMILE TIME I just bought this as a pertinent reminder :)

Fifi du Vie - I applaud you and your lovely etsy shop.
AND in just three short hours I will be picking up my baby sister from the airport cos she's coming to stay for two weeks!! YAY!! I live and work abroad and it's these visits that keep me going when I'm away from home. Bring on the karaoke nights!!!!!

Loola x

That'll be me then...

Ok, just been flicking through the Cosmo Blog Awards shortlist and I came across THIS awesome lady. I soooo need to buy her ebook. My ex = Mr Unavailable and me = The Fallback Girl. Ouch. That actually stung a bit having to admit that. And the worst thing? All my exes fit the Mr Unavailable profile. Damn me!! I came out of a two year relationship about a month ago and, honestly, it's been a long, hard month. I've cried and screamed and wept and mourned and now, after reading this, I feel a bit silly. Our entire relationship was to HIS timing. We went out when HE wanted to. We were affectionate when HE felt like it. We spent time apart and time together when it was convenient for HIM. And I let him so more fool me. After just flicking through this blog briefly I already feel a little stronger. And I've stopped thinking 'What was wrong with me?' and started thinking 'Hey, bud, the problem? Yours. Good luck with that'. YAY me!! Now I just need to read this ebook in all its entirety and make sure I NEVER get in to this situation again.

Know what I'm going to do now? I'm gonna put on some of these and go for a much needed run.

Have a blissful shower and then paint my nails this colour.

And then I'm going to go out and face the world with my head held high...

Loola x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Brand new and shiny...

Ok, so I've known for a while that I wanted to start a blog but was just a bit overwhelmed by it all and how to get started. I didn't really know what I wanted it to say, what it should be about or where I planned to go with it. I've just spent the last hour reading through some of my favourite blogs and what an ecclectic lot they are! They range from fashion, to photography, to interior design, to patchwork and sewing to....well, just about everything I guess!! I can say quite honestly that the person I am is not yet the person I want to be and my ever-changing loves and tastes highlight to me that I have not yet found my niche. I could stress about this, lie awake at night worrying about it or I could just go with the flow and see what happens. So here it is. The blog. Don't know what it will become but gonna have a go anyway :) One day at a time.

Loola x

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