Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Man... I'm on FIRE!!

I had to quickly post this. Just about to set off for the UK!

Baby Boo was fiddling with her hair last night and wanted a pretty clip to hold back the twiddly bits she was playing with. Mummy to the rescue! I figure if I can make shortbread I can make a clip with some felt we found in her craft box and some ribbon I found in a drawer. They turned out pretty well I think. All it took was a turn on the old Google (thank you Google!) some clips we already had and some mega strong super glue. Took me awhile to pull a couple of my fingers apart post production but we live and we learn, right?

I used this tutorial here from Lydia's Treasures. She makes the most fabulous stuff. I'm not jealous. Nope. Not me.

Making these also means that for the first time I can link to one of my favourite blogs ever, Tea Rose Home. They hold a linky party for all creative types every Wednesday and, dammit, I want to be one of them!! My clips are probably going to look fairly pathetic compared to the rest of the submissions but we all have to start somewhere! Made something? Want the world to know? Head on over there and join me.

Love, hugs and super glue (damn, it's sticky!)

Loola xx


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Oooh, I want to make something now too!

Your clips are lovely :) x

Lisa said...

Loola I just found your blog link in my stats. I love your clips that you have made from my tutorial! They look fantastic. Clever you! Thanks for you lovely comment about my creations and thanks for visiting my blog... Lisa from Lydias Treasures ... oh and yes that glue is very goooey!

Sachiko said...

Your clips are so pretty, not pathetic AT ALL! Thank you for reading my blog, and linking your project!

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