Monday, 16 August 2010

That'll be me then...

Ok, just been flicking through the Cosmo Blog Awards shortlist and I came across THIS awesome lady. I soooo need to buy her ebook. My ex = Mr Unavailable and me = The Fallback Girl. Ouch. That actually stung a bit having to admit that. And the worst thing? All my exes fit the Mr Unavailable profile. Damn me!! I came out of a two year relationship about a month ago and, honestly, it's been a long, hard month. I've cried and screamed and wept and mourned and now, after reading this, I feel a bit silly. Our entire relationship was to HIS timing. We went out when HE wanted to. We were affectionate when HE felt like it. We spent time apart and time together when it was convenient for HIM. And I let him so more fool me. After just flicking through this blog briefly I already feel a little stronger. And I've stopped thinking 'What was wrong with me?' and started thinking 'Hey, bud, the problem? Yours. Good luck with that'. YAY me!! Now I just need to read this ebook in all its entirety and make sure I NEVER get in to this situation again.

Know what I'm going to do now? I'm gonna put on some of these and go for a much needed run.

Have a blissful shower and then paint my nails this colour.

And then I'm going to go out and face the world with my head held high...

Loola x


NML/Natalie said...

Hello! Wow thanks for writing about my blog and book as one of your first posts. I'd keep jogging if I were you, right past this guy. You can do way better than someone who treats you like an option he feels free to exercise whenever it suits. Let me know how you get on with the book and any questions, I'm here to answer! Natalie x

NML/Natalie said...

PS I LOVE your header!

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