Sunday, 29 August 2010

Manicure? Uh, no thanks...

I am not one of these people that regularly has manicures or pedicures. That's not to say that my nails are icky and I have to keep them hidden away!! I just don't tend to fork out on this kind of thing when I can do it myself and spend the money I saved on shoes. Or pretty knickers :) Anyhoo, yesterday I was out shopping with my baby sister and totally of the cuff I decided to treat myself to a manicure. We're going out tonight to see our favourite band 'The SkaBeats' and I decided that a little bit of professional grooming was in order. Never again. They spent a total of approximately 3 and a half minutes on my nails, they were wonky, the nail varnish peeled off before I even got 100m away from the shop and I could have quite cheerfully cried. I KNOW I should have said something but, honestly, I am such a chicken where this kind of stuff is concerned. Instead, I came home....whinged, moaned and bitched and then did them myself and they now look fairly normal, if a little short, again. Moral of this story? Put the money towards shoes. Or go to youtube and follow this little gem.


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