Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shoes glorious shoes...

My name is Loola and I am a shoe-aholic. The worst part? I don't care. I mean why this constant need to try and justify the number of shoes you have? It's not like we don't need them. This is the UK! We wear shoes EVERYDAY! So why not have a pair for everything? Plus a few spare pairs incase you're feeling indecisive? Buy, buy and buy more I say. Hours of fun sitting on the floor, staring at your bea-ootiful shoe collection..... what more could you want? Oh, plus a season change is upon is and those gladiators you've been wearing all summer ain't gonna cut it throughout Autumn when the rain starts.....

A quick look on the schuh website identified a desperate NEED for these particular lovelies.

These babies from topshop

And these want want must haves from River Island

I know, right? Brings a tear to your eye doesn't it? Only problem now is that after forking out for all these how the chuff am I gonna afford clothes to go with them all? Sigh...

Loola x


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