Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Professional Putter-together needed...

I can literally spend HOURS looking at pictures of other people's homes and, whenever I find a picture I love, I store it away in my 'Inspiration Folder' on my laptop. I have hundreds of them and a lot seem to have a vintage/retro theme. I'm not a fan of the show home look. I think homes should look lived in. That they should tell a story. That's not to say messy. I'm obsessively tidy when it comes to my house but I love my photos and trinkets that remind me of a special time, place or person.... I just make sure that they are dust free :P One of my biggest problems is that I am crap at putting things together and, though I'm often very creative in my head, I struggle to practically apply my ideas. VERY frustrating!! Here's a few of my favourite pics that make me feel a little bit sick with jealousy (and have me counting out my penny jar to see if I can afford to get the professionals in):

From Design Sponge
From here
Spotted here
Apartment Therapy
Design Sponge
Design Sponge
Love, hugs and penny donations

Loola xx


terrefirma said...

you are my long-lost child I think-(jk-no stalker) I'm up before my kids to finally figure out how to send a picture to the building Dept so they will address the hole in my ceiling after >year, and stumbled upon your post. My first thought after .."no don't quit yet!" was to try and reach you to somehow inspire you to make your daydreams(?) come true interiordesign-wise by learning how to do things yourself- such as shelves. The picture of a desk with vertical narrow shelves next to it is within anyone's reach that has a hammer and nails- and a long 2x4 and some smaller pieces. Just whack it together using whatever wood you can scrounge up-whatever you do don't buy new wood!! take apart drawers, sides of crates, etc. and just do it. In the process, you'll discover how to make it better, but like raising a child, if you just focus on how it's going to end up, instead of what's going on right now, you'll not only go nuts with indecision, but never spend the time to try different things and be present in the moment. And kind of like when you 'act nice' you are nice- at least to the other person, when you act like you know what you're doing, you do- just maybe not as well as someone else....but who's judging?

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