Sunday, 2 January 2011

Operation Nice

I stumbled across this today whilst looking at pictures of handbags on Google images (I was bored, ok?!) and I am SO glad that I did!! Operation Nice - what a totally fabulous concept! It focuses on the little things we can all do for each other - things a lot of people seem to have forgotten. Hold the door open for someone, tell someone on the train you love their outfit, give up your seat on a crowded bus. There are also NICE stories, NICE news articles and opportunities for you to share your own NICEness. Get over there now. I guarantee you'll be smiling in a matter of seconds. In the words of the author:
'Operation NICE was initiated to remind you that a     little NICE goes a long way'
Three things I'm going to do this month:

1.  I'm going to leave a book I've enjoyed on a park bench with a little note tucked inside so that someone else can read it too.

2.  I'm going to throw my biggest, cheesiest smile at someone in the street who really looks like they need it.

3.  I'm going to buy a load of these:

From this lovely Etsy Shop
And then I'm going to tie them to every single bike that makes me go green with jealousy.

Now it's your turn to pick the three things you're going to do to bring a little more sunshine in to the world this month :) 

Love, hugs and niceness

Loola xx


bec said...

this is a lovely idea :)

Julie said...

Your three things are such great ideas! I particularly love #1. Have you ever heard of Operation Beautiful? It's basically the same concept. Both Operations are very inspiring!

Tids said...

Just googled. Lovely idea... I'm going to do this tomorrow!!

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