Monday, 22 November 2010

On the road to recovery...

After a long spell in hospital feeling decidedly unwell and sorry for myself I am finally back on my feet and almost back to full strength. I can't tell you how worried I have been about this blog. I know it's still new and there's not much on it yet but I have so enjoyed writing it and I have been ever so conscious that it was just sitting there stagnating. Please bear with me. I will be back as soon as I can. Thank you so much for continuing to follow and for not deleting me from your list due to lack of posts. If I could bake I would send a cupcake to each and every one of you. As it goes, a big smooch will have to do! MMMWWAAAAAHH!

Loola xx


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

You just get yourself better, Loola.

I for one, will still be here, even if it means waiting until your next post :) x
The enigmatic, masked blogger

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