Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sorry sorry and more sorry...

Guys and Gals,

I'm so sorry for the lack of blog posts. I'm in hospital at the moment.  For anyone who has ever been in a German hospital, you will know it's the complete opposite to the UK. In Germany once you're admitted it's almost impossible to get out again where as in the UK you have to beg for a bed! I promise I'll update this weekend. Bear with me. I'm so grateful to my lovely, beautiful followers.... please don't think I have lost interest!! I still loves ya all!! Hope everyone has had a fabulous Thursday. Muchos kisses.

Love Loola xx


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Hey, Loola, I’ve missed you. Hope you recover quickly from whatever you’re in hospital for, and feel better soon.
The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Have a quick look here when you’ve got a minute please

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