Sunday, 5 September 2010

80s flashback

Child of the 80s, that's me. Ok so technically I was a little young to experience the neon fashions, the BIIIIIIG hair, the rainbow eye make up but hey, I lived through it too y'know! And so, ladies and gentleman, I give you....... Little Loola's 80s Flashback!!

Hula Hoops. Were these from the 80s? I have no idea but I do remember being given a bowl of these as a special treat when I was ickle.

Care Bears. This here is 'Cheer Bear' and I used to go to sleep sucking on his ear. Lovely!

Oh Penny! Does anyone remember these? I LOVED them and had the camper, house, tree house, ice cream parlour and and and and EVERYTHING!! Image from ebay. And yes, I'm bidding...

Button Moon! Man, I loved these little guys. Happy Days.

And a little bit of music to round it off....

I played this record (yes, record!) until my Mum threatened to throw it out of the window.

Mel and Kim - Respectable (1987)

And this was the first record I ever bought. All with my hard saved pocket money.... I apologise in advance.

Actually, I so don't...this is till a rockin' tune!


Love Loola xx


Lisa said...

sometimes it's these blog posts that just make my day! the lively upbeat ones!

Hope you're doing well

Adele said...

I was born in 1990! Just missed out!

Adèle -

Tids said...

Thanks Lisa :) I smiled for ages after listening to The Frog Chorus :) Adele - you just made me feel ancient!!!

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Yes, but, I can’t think of the 80s without a little tear. That was the decade ABBA split up
The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

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